Car Bomb Outside Cali Police Barracks Kills 1, Injures 34

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A powerful car bomb exploded Monday in front of police barracks in the southwest city of Cali, killing one person and injuring 34, the region's governor said.

Gov. Angelino Garzon told Caracol radio that "the first theory we're going with is that it's the work of the FARC," referring to the country's largest leftist rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. "Although we cannot rule out other illegal groups, whether it's drug traffickers, paramilitaries or common criminals."

The explosion killed a taxi driver who was passing the car when the bomb was detonated. The blast also injured 19 officers in the barracks, and 15 civilians on the street outside. At least 40 stores and houses were damaged.

The western Colombian city of Cali, once the headquarters of the infamous Cali cartel, is the site of a vicious turf war between leftist rebels, far-right paramilitaries and rivaling drug traffickers.