Candidates Hail Red Sox

Count Sen. John Kerry (search) of Massachusetts among those Boston baseball fans who have waited a lifetime to see the Red Sox win the World Series. President Bush (search) says he's excited, too.

Kerry, wearing a Red Sox (search) cap as he bounded into a morning rally in Toledo, recalled someone phoning a radio show early in the campaign and saying, "John Kerry won't be president until the Red Sox win the World Series." He exclaimed, "Well, we're on our way!"

Not everybody felt that way. Boston pitcher Curt Schilling (search), interviewed on ABC's "Good Morning America," said, "Tell everybody to vote. And vote Bush next week."

Bush congratulated the team's owner and president by phone — and thanked Schilling for his support.

The president watched part of the final game Wednesday night as the Red Sox defeated the St. Louis Cardinals, completing a four-game sweep to win their first World Series title since 1918, said spokesman Scott McClellan. "This is a long time coming and he shares in their excitement at winning the World Series," McClellan said.

Kerry said, "I've been rooting for this day since I was a kid. ... This Red Sox team came back against all odds and showed America what heart is. In 2004, the Red Sox are America's team."