Cancer Survivor with One Lung Climbs Everest

Sean Swarmer knows what it is like to overcome obstacles. A two-time cancer survivor, he was told as a child that he had just weeks to live. Now he has become the first cancer survivor to summit Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, reported.

"The chances of me surviving both these cancers is equivalent to me winning the lottery four times in a row with the same numbers,” Swarmer said.

Upon reaching the top, Swarner planted a flag with the names of other cancer survivors that he carried in a pocket close to his heart the whole way.

"If you can imagine taking every feeling you've ever had, every emotion and put it in the little ball and explode it all at once. That's what it felt like. The tears started flowing down like waterworks," he said.

With only one functioning lung, Swarner has also successfully climbed the highest mountain peak of each continent.

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