Cancer-Stricken Teen Who Fled State Celebrates End of Chemotherapy

A 13-year-old Minnesota boy, who fled the state to avoid chemotherapy, is celebrating a milestone.

It’s taken three months and eight rounds of chemo – but Daniel Hauser, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in January, is finally done with his treatments, reported.

Daniel’s parents said that doctors have told them the chemotherapy was so successful, there's no need for any more treatments.

“I’m done, and I’m really happy that I’m done," Daniel said.

To mark the occasion, the teenager's family and friends threw him a little party.

"He took it like a trooper," said Daniel's dad, Anthony. "The balloon says, 'you did it, congratulations.' That's what this is about."

Initially, the Hausers fought against earlier rounds of chemo because it made Daniel feel sick, opting instead for natural healing methods. But the state eventually stepped in and ordered the treatment anyway. As a result, Colleen Hauser fled the state with Daniel, spending about week on the run.

After they returned to their home in Sleepy Eye, they agreed to accept chemotherapy when doctors vowed to integrate some natural treatments. Daniel started the treatments at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota in May.

The Hausers aren't denying the treatments have worked, but they also credit Daniel’s diet of mostly vegetables with playing a role in his recovery.

“He's doing exceptionally well,” Colleen Hauser told the news station. “Lot of it is nutrition. Lot of it is how you take care of the body and feed it what it needs. And don't feed it what it don't need."

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