Canadian Airport Audit Finds Criminals Working in Restricted Areas

The Canadian Auditor General reported in a sweeping national security probe that members of organized crime and convicted criminals were given security passes to restricted airport areas, the Calgary Herald reported Wednesday.

Sheila Fraser's report blames Transport Canada for not conducting thorough background checks on employees. Her report found a pass for restricted areas was given to an employee with a history of assault and weapons convictions. The employee was also under investigation for a drug smuggling-related murder.

"Quite frankly, I think Canadians expect more than that," the Herald quoted Fraser. "I think that Canadians would expect the rules for obtaining a security pass would be stringent."

Canadian Transport Minister John Baird reacted by saying his department and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will work harder to prevent "convicted felons" from working in airports.

Fraser's assessment found that Transport Canada had withheld airport information from the police, the Herald reported.

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