Canada Buzzing Over Ads Saying to Leave Beer for Santa Instead of Milk

Santa might knock back a cold one or two while making his way around Canada this Christmas Eve — and not everyone up north is happy about it.

New advertisements for Labatt's Blue de-alcoholized beer have appeared in convenience stores across Canada with the slogan, "Leave one out for Santa. He's driving," The Toronto Sun reports.

Some consumers told the newspaper it sends the wrong message.

"Children see that and they think we'd better leave beer for Santa instead of cookies and milk," 65-year-old Kathleen Clifford told The Toronto Sun.

But Mothers Against Drinking and Driving say it has no problem with the ad because it's alcohol-free beer.

"This is not drinking and driving. It's a Labatt issue, and whatever their philosophy is behind the ad is certainly up to them," MADD Canada president Margaret Miller told The Toronto Sun.

The ads made their debut in November and will run until the end of the month.

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