Can Someone Be Addicted to Online Chatting?

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Chat Addict

Do you chat at work? No, I don’t mean chatting with your co-workers, I mean chatting online? An IBM worker in East Fishkill, NY was fired for visiting online porn sites and sexually explicit chat rooms during work hours. Now the man is suing IBM for wrongful termination, claiming he has an addiction to online chatting. James Pacenza is seeking $5 million in punitive and compensatory damages from his former employers. This Vietnam Veteran, says he was “self medicating” his post traumatic disorder by chatting online and feels that he should have been given counseling for his addiction instead of being fired. Many companies offer treatment programs for their employees who have alcohol or drug addictions, but chat room addicts?

Peace for the Holidays?

Remember the homeowner in Pagosa Springs, CO who caught a lot of flack for hanging a Christmas wreath in the shape of a peace sign? A few complaints from her neighbors prompted Lisa Jensen’s homeowners association to fine her $25 a day if the wreath was kept up. However, the fine was dropped after the story received an overwhelming amount of news exposure. Jensen said she hung the peace wreath, not as an anti-war statement, but “to honor the Biblical call for peace and goodwill toward man” in the holiday season. Now that the fines have been dropped, maybe there can be peace in this Colorado neighborhood.

Holiday Gift Help

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The highway traffic, the hunt for a parking spot, the checkout lines, what a headache! Do you do your holiday shopping online to avoid the crowds at the mall? I do. Yesterday after my show where Dagen McDowell talked about Cyber Monday, she told me how I could have saved on almost every item I bought online, and I just have to share it with you! She will be back on my show tomorrow to clue us in on how to save a ton of money when shopping online this holiday season.

And also Dr. Manny will be on my show tomorrow talking about a rare condition that causes some people to be able to taste their words.


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