Camp Goes High-Tech and High Crime

Fingerprinting isn't a typical summer camp activity, but one camp in Tennessee is bringing criminologists' tools to kids.

Children attending Camp CSI (search) spend one week attending a class at Roane State Community College (search) in Oak Ridge, conjuring up possible crime scene investigation scenarios and collecting forensic clues.

"This attracts a variety of kids, but a lot of them are interested in things like science and math and criminal investigation," said camp director Stephanie Price (search). "I think the popularity of 'CSI,' some of the other shows like 'The Forensic Files' — it has just become a really popular topic to talk about."

Campers at the forensic science camp get to use metal detectors to look for clues and watch a bomb-sniffing dog in action, as well as see some of the high-tech equipment being used in the War on Terror (search). But for many of the kids, the technology is sometimes secondary to another grisly facet of crime scene investigation.

"They like the gore," Price said. "It seems to be they like to see some blood, but I haven't had anybody turned off by that."

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