California Town Fears Water Supply Running Out by April

A severe drought is forcing one small California community to take drastic actions -- or face the prospect of its water supply running dry by April -- the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The state is in its third straight year of a drought, and Bolinas has enacted some of the state's toughest water restrictions, the paper reported. Each water customer -- except for some schools and businesses -- may use no more than 150 gallons a day or risk the utility turning off their water service.

Without such cutbacks, averaging 25 percent, the community's water reservoir could run completely dry as soon as April, according to the Chronicle. The town has already begun to dip into emergency reservoirs, one of which is virtually empty.

"People are worried," said Jennifer Blackman, general manager of the utility district, which authorized the measures last week. "It's unsettling to be informed that a resource which is necessary to life is limited in this way."

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