California Gubernatorial Candidates Put On Quite a Show

Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) and Arianna Huffington (search ) put on quite a show at the Calif. gubernatorial candidate debate.

They were hollering at each other. At one point, Schwarzenegger said something that really ticked her off.

He said, "I've got a part for you in Terminator 4 ."

After the debate, Huffington started screaming that Schwarzenegger was talking about a scene where he shoves a woman's face into a toilet. She said he'd done interviews about how he really liked that scene, and that this showed what he really thinks about women.

Hey, Arianna... he probably was thinking of that scene, but you're wrong about this one.

Some of Schwarzenegger's opponents claim that he's a woman hater, but I would submit — with all due respect to Huffington — that if a man wants to get a word in edgewise, or get you [Huffington] to quiet down, that is simply an attitude toward you.

Huffington is not going to be governor of California, so this is all sideshow. But what I think would be really interesting is if Schwarzenegger did give her that part in Terminator 4 .

I'm certain it wouldn't be the above-mentioned scene from Terminator 3, but it might be very interesting to see nonetheless.

That's My Word.

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