California Community Outraged by Police Shootings of Unarmed Homeless Man

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A California community is in an uproar after police opened fire on a homeless man carrying a toy gun, the fourth fatal shooting involving an officer since May.

In the latest incident, which occurred Aug. 31 in Inglewood, Calif., cops shot Eddie Felix Franco 47 times, killing him, after he appeared to reach for what turned out to be a toy gun in his waistband, The Los Angeles Times reported.

"There's something gravely amiss," former Citizen Police Oversight Commission vice president Donald Nicholson told the L.A. Times.

Outraged residents turned up at an Inglewood City Council meeting to protest the recent rash of fatal shootings.

"It is time for those who say they support this commission to do more than be silent," Nicholson told The Times.

Council officials said the most recent shooting was captured on police dash cam, but it's unknown whether or not the video will be released to the public. Eight officers were placed on administrative leave and city officials have ordered a review of training.

Sources told The Times that investigators are looking into the possibility of "contagious fire," where an officer begins shooting after he hears other officers firing because he misinterprets the shots as an attack on police.

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