Bystanders Run Off With Cocaine Cargo After Caribbean Truck Crash

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Bystanders made off with hundreds of packets of cocaine after a truck transporting the drug crashed on a Caribbean island, Colombian authorities said Wednesday.

The truck, supposedly carrying ceramic tiles, crashed on the island of San Andres, a popular tourist destination that belongs to Colombia in the Caribbean east of Nicaragua.

It "suffered a mishap with its rear tire, it flipped over, and spilled the packs of ceramic where the cocaine was hidden," San Andres Gov. Alvaro Archibold told the W radio station.

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Archibold estimated that residents grabbed some 300 packets of the drug and fled. Authorities were trying to recover.

San Andres is known for its beaches and nightlife, but authorities have warned that drug traffickers are using the island to move cocaine shipments to the U.S. and Central America.

Colombia is the largest producer of cocaine in the world.