Butt Of Course!

Foxnews.com readers were outraged over the pictures displayed in Tuesday's article on "butt cleavage." Sensitive to the revealing of skin, readers labeled the article an "example of soft-porn" and "perverted" and demanded that the pictures be immediately pulled.

Both males and females seemed disturbed by the new "low-rider" fashion and feared the next step in  fashion trends would be complete nakedness.

Here's a sample of this week's mail:

— These young ladies (and I hope I don't have to suffer through seeing someone in their 50's or older try to wear this stuff) need to be careful.  I thought peddling "crack" was against the law.

— Is this the same country that fined people for showing their backside?  What a pity we have come to making it "normal" now!  Count on women to pervert everybody else with their sick ideas!  Pity this country indeed.

— Does this mean we plumbers are now back in vogue? Or does this apply only to those shapely young things who can "afford" to show off?

— This is a totally disgusting fashion statement. Anyone who would wear these "low-riders" are just pure low-down trash!

— Butt cleavage is not in.  Maybe for trashy celebrities or the freaks on Jerry Springer but for someone to actually think that butt cleavage is sexy or god forbid classy, that is a true sign that our society has lost both dignity and class. Jeeeez.  No one wants to see your butt hanging out in the produce section at the grocery store.  All I have to say to that is:  fowl!  I am a young woman and I am definitely not a prude.  I love all the new fashions and I love hitting the clubs with friends but I honestly know not one person, guy or girl, who thinks having your butt hang out is cool. 

— Why don't women just go naked and be done with it? That's the direction they're headed in, so why not sooner than later? What was the feminist movement all about? Seems that now women want to be sex objects more than men ever wanted them to be. I'm confused...

— I saw your article "Cleavage Fashion Flips Upside Down."  The photos with this article belong on a porno site, not a news site. 

— I think your article on people showing their rear ends is disgusting and an example of very poor "journalism"!   It is "soft porn" masquerading as something of interest.

— I've always been an "butt" man, so I welcome the development described in this story. If that makes me a little perverted or kinky in some peoples' eyes, so be it.

— I am a young man and I love women, I really do.  And normally I don't mind them leaving "little to the imagination".   But that "plumber's butt" look really lacks taste.  What are they thinking?

— Pretty soon men will be sticking dollar bills into women's "jeans" while walking down the street.  Help!

— I guess if the ladies cannot make it on their looks alone the next best thing is to get half naked.  What happened to the days when you could dress in a conservative manner and still be noticed for your natural beauty? 

— Maybe if this catches on it will be equally appealing if there is toilet paper hanging out of the pants and not just the crack.  This is not sexy, it is sleazy.  Leave it to the "Hollywood elite" to think of yet another provocative fashion trend that is anything but beautiful.  Let's hope this one does not spread to the youth.