Facing political discord over the war in Iraq, President Bush is seeking to reassure voters that hundreds of Americans have not died in vain, and tell the world that he has a blueprint to create a democratic nation.

Five months before the election and just five weeks before the June 30 hand-off of political power in Iraq, Bush travels late Monday to the Army War College in Carlisle, Pa., to give the first in a series of speeches about the future of Iraq.

Worldwide attention is focused on the transfer of sovereignty next month, but the president is expected to lay out a timeline in Iraq that extends until elections are held early next year.

Bush’s big speech: What do you want to hear?

A sample of your responses:

I want to hear President Bush say: "I am not running for reelection."
W. Conl

It is appalling to me (yes, a male) how the women were supressed in Iraq. I recently saw some tape where they were going to beauty schools. They are such beautiful women! If the President could show just how far the ladies have come since pre-war, along with video tape, explaining what was once required and where they stand now, I think many Americans would be impressed.
John C.
Mount Hope, WV

What more can he say? We will turn over government on June 30th and go from there. getting out as soon as possible.
Only the left nay sayers, who must all be fortune tellers, can detail what will happen and when.  The rest of us, including the President, have to proceed as events will allow.
Henry B.
Lubbock, TX

I am sure the president will say what needs to be said. The idea we all need to remember is that the Iraqi democracy will not be American democracy, it will be tailored to include their religion, their ideals and concepts, that may seem foreign to U.S, but will be another form of hopeful democracy.
John Michael C.

I would like to know how soon will the Iraqi military will be ready to take over their country and how much of a role their military is now playing in the defense of their country.
June N.
Goodway, AL

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