Bush to Apologize?

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Monday night at 8 p.m. ET our own Brit Hume interviews President Bush. This is must see TV.

According to press reports some of the interview deals with what President Bush plans to say to the United Nations (search) when he addresses the General Assembly tomorrow.

The president evidently plans to remind the U.N. that during the run up to the war -- when the U.S. sought U.N. help and then walked away when it was clear the help was going to be denied -- during that period the various U.N. voices speaking against U.S. plans for the war said they were interested in the welfare of the Iraqi people.

Now the war is over and a nasty post-war period is well underway. It is clear that the Iraqi people need help and the U.S. is doing its part. But is the United Nations helping? No. The president will remind member states that their pre-war statements indicate they have a responsibility to help now.

But one of the strangest things about Tuesday's U.N. speech is the extent to which United Nations delegates are expecting President Bush to say, “I'm sorry. You were right, I was wrong.”

This is an astonishing misreading of both the American people and their support of the war, their support of the idea that Saddam had to go and an incredibly erroneous reading of President Bush.

The United States apologize to the United Nations? The diplomats can dream on, but such a move by George Bush might get him impeached the next day.

It's the United Nations that has some explaining to do. What did the U.N. ever do to help the Iraqi people escape the tyranny of Saddam? Nothing but talk. The U.N. owes an apology to the Iraqi people.

That's My Word.

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