Bush Is Tired of Fighting the Conservatives' Big Battles

Some of you out there think I am in daily communication with George Bush (search) — getting a personal briefing and then going out and defending his game plan no matter what.

Here's a news flash: never spoke to the man, ever. Spoke to Karl Rove (search) at a cocktail party once for two minutes about our common interest in Texas. That's it.

Nobody at the White House calls me. I don't call them. I am completely out of the loop.

So my analysis of a situation is mine and mine alone.

Having said all that, here's what I think is going on between George W. Bush and the conservatives about Harriet Miers (search).

Bearing in mind that George W. Bush is one — he is a conservative — there is just the ever so slight chance that in the fifth year of his presidency, he is just plain tired of fighting the conservatives' big fights.

He fought the Iraq fight for them and I don't for a moment mean to say he wasn't a believer. He was and is, I think.

He also fought the Social Security fight for the conservatives.

He's also taken a lot of grumbling from the conservatives about his big spending — the drug benefit in particular.

And, generally, he's taken a pounding for these conservative fights and you only have to look at the polls to see that's true.

Did he make any mistakes? I think he made a mistake getting off the war after the election. That debate is settled he said and he was wrong. The libs went right on with the debate about the war but he was AWOL, off putting people to sleep talking about Social Security.

So all in all, GWB might be a bit tired.

Maybe he didn't want another huge fight over a lightning rod conservative nominee to the high court. Maybe he just wanted to slip through somebody he trusted but who wouldn't cause an uproar.

So much for that.

And don't forget legacy. For better or worse, history has him as the Iraq war president. Consequently, he might have picked Miers figuring he didn't want history to also tag him as the president who lost the Republican majority in the Congress.

That's My Word.

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