Bush Haters Losing Ground by Latest News

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FOXNews.com's Roger Friedman reported that Rosie O'Donnell was hosting a big charity dinner the other night and suddenly blurted out the following words:

"George Bush is a war criminal," she said.

That was it. She stopped there. But after that what is left to say, except maybe, just maybe, a reason?

Frankly, I can't wait for the next Democratic debate, which are usually George Bush bash-athons.

Bush is a war criminal because he ordered an illegal invasion and brought chaos upon the world. OK, so how come The New York Times is the latest of the mainstream media to finally admit — today — that the surge is working and life shows some signs of normality in Iraq?

Now that ABC, NBC, CBS and Newsweek have made the same admission, is the disastrous war still a talking point for the Dems? Just asking.

Also, if you dig into the papers a little farther today you see scientists have now figured out how to make embryonic stem cells from adult skin cells. So you don't have to make test-tube babies to harvest stem cells. Wasn't that a talking point against George Bush? What do they say now?

Also, did you notice the U.N. admitted today that it had vastly overstated the number of AIDS cases worldwide? Doesn't George Bush get kicked around for not helping AIDS sufferers in Africa, among other places?

Oh, and by the way, I want to hear what Bono says about the U.N. lie, too.

So little by little, I see the "we hate Bush" crowd having the ground cut out from under them by developing news. And I wonder if they can still go before the American people and with a straight face say they are committed to the wrong side of history?

Heads up, Rosie: Bush isn't a war criminal. And if you keep it up you'll be no better than an entertaining case of dementia.

That's My Word.

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