Bush Calls on Russia to Honor Cease-Fire

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President Bush, fresh off a CIA briefing about the fighting in Georgia, again called for the cease-fire to be honored in the former Soviet republic.

Bush repeated his demand that Russia respect the "territorial integrity" of Georgia. He spoke after spending nearly four hours at CIA headquarters where he received briefings on the war on terror and the grim situation in Georgia, where a tenuous cease-fire is in place after days of violence.

Bush said he looked forward to hearing directly from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at his Texas ranch on Saturday. Rice was in Paris issuing another urgent call on Russia to honor a cease-fire with Georgia as she was getting ready to bring the formal agreement to Tbilisi for approval.

Bush, who postponed his vacation in Texas by a day to monitor the fast-changing developments in Georgia, now plans to depart on Friday.

At the CIA, he spent part of his afternoon having lunch with CIA employees, including many who are relatively new to the agency.

The president revealed no new information from his briefing in comments to reporters, and his language in confronting Russia was unchanged.

"I call ... for the territorial integrity in Georgia to be respected and for the cease-fire to be honored," Bush said.