Bush Brothers Encourage Fire Safety as Florida Wildfires Blaze

President Bush and his governor brother issued an impromptu service announcement Tuesday, reminding Florida residents not to throw out cigarette butts with wildfires blazing across the state.

Officials at Fire Station 28 in this community near Tampa briefed the brothers Bush on the dry, windy conditions that were contributing to about 50 wildfires across the state, including one in the area that had been believed to be started by a spark from a utility line. The brothers then came outside, where dark smoke from one fire could be seen in the distant sky, to talk to reporters.

"Obviously the people need to be real careful, careful about starting fires, be careful about not throwing used cigarettes out," the president said. "They need to be mindful that these are dangerous conditions."

His brother, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, also noted that tossing a cigarette butt is a felony in the state.

"We want to make sure that no fires are started because of human error or negligence or malfeasance," he said.