Bruce Willis, Six Feet Under and the Rolling Stones

Bruce Willis, Six Feet Under and the Rolling Stones in The Foxlight.

Bruce Willis reportedly called the White House and said he wants to fight Saddam Hussein personally. Wanted to enlist. The official answer? You're too old at 47 Mr. Die Hard. Was all this a publicity stunt for his new war-themed movie? Nope, Bruce says too many Hollywood types are doves. He's a hawk -- just so he isn't Hudson Hawk again.

Six Feet Under kicked off it's third season and critics love this thing. But I have just never gotten over the first season premiere and how creepy it was. Friends say it's great and shouldn't be considered only a drama because they claim the comedy is wicked dark and Foxlight friendly. Meanwhile DVD sales are through the coffin. So when will this cast get as hungry as The Sopranos at contract time?

Finally, the Rolling Stones are going to China? Hope the welcoming committee isn't still using tanks. Best part of the story is a front row seat in Beijing goes for $750, which is about a year's salary for the average Chinese worker. Who says they can't embrace capitalism. Workers of the world unite: Maybe 750 people can unite to buy one ticket.