Brothers Suffer Cardiac Arrest at Same Time in Same Hospital

When Crocket Lacy went into cardiac arrest, he was lucky his brother, Ronnie, was there.

Then Ronnie had his own heart attack. Both men were taken to a Poplar Bluff hospital emergency room, where both of their hearts stopped virtually simultaneously.

Both were saved, but doctors are still amazed at the coincidence of two brothers going "code blue" at the same time.

The Poplar Bluff Daily American Republic reported that on March 3, Crocket called his 48-year-old brother, saying he didn't feel well. Soon after Ronnie arrived at Crocket's home, Crocket coded for the first time.

At the ER, Ronnie suffered a heart attack even as Crocket was being treated for his.

Ronnie had triple-bypass surgery and is feeling better. Crocket's condition was more serious but he is improving.