Brother, Sister Run Against Each Other For Mayor of Ohio Village

This is one fight Mom can't break up: An Ohio village must pick between two siblings in Tuesday's race for mayor.

Daniel Huffman is trying to unseat his sister, Charlotte Garman, the village postmaster who's been mayor of this western Ohio community for eight years.

Huffman, a carpenter and electrician, admitted that his decision to challenge his sister for the seat probably didn't sit well with her.

"I really don't believe she's tickled about it," said Huffman, 45.

The village that sits along Grand Lake St. Marys has just 138 registered voters so it's not unusual for the candidates to be familiar with each other. Garman, 49, said she was surprised but not upset that her younger brother entered the race.

"He has every right to run," she said. "The same as I do."

She did add, though, that he has never attended a council meeting and doesn't seem to keep up on issues and projects in the village.

So far, the sibling rivalry seems to have been kept at bay: There hasn't been any bickering, hair-pulling or name calling.