Britney's Revenge, Strands for Salma, Colin as Ozzy

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Britney's revenge, strands for Salma and Colin Farrell as Ozzy in today's Foxlight.

Wonder what turns Britney Spears (search) on? Besides claiming she's a virgin? This month's InStyle magazine says it's long nature walks. That's when she says she gets in touch with herself and feels inner beauty -- "a glow." No, the magazine did not come with an airsick bag.

By the way, the new Enquirer says Britney is dating Cameron Diaz (search)'s old boyfriend Jared Leto just to make Justin and Cameron mad! Wait 'til I tell everyone in study hall!

Back to InStyle for a second. It says if you want to win over Salma Hayek (search) -- and she's available now that Ed Norton foolishly dumped her -- give her pearls. It's the only jewelry she really likes, because they're round and cold and feel good on a hot day. OK, it's a slow news day. Sue me.

Finally, from the "What Were They Thinking?" casting department: Guess who may play Ozzy Osbourne in a proposed bio-pic? Lots of makeup is obviously going to come into play here. But does Colin Farrell look anything like Ozzy to you? The closest he came was as "Bullseye" in "Daredevil." Foxlight wonders how many people will go see a movie about the land of "Oz," since we've already seen the miniseries on MTV. And did Ozzy do the casting?