Britney, Will Smith and James Brown in the hardest working glare of The Foxlight.

Britney Spears mini mogul? She says she picked the idea and developed her own material for her new movie Crossroads. And yes, that's an 'N Sync song she sings to in the road picture. She thought it was a great in-joke. And, there's a love scene. So if she's still a virgin she is a good actress. Britney also says if she has an acting role model it's not Meryl Streep or Katharine Hepburn it's master thespian Goldie Hawn.

But is Britney the most bankable musical star at the box office? Not according to a new poll by the Hollywood Reporter. The execs they polled say get jiggy with Will Smith. They say he fresh prints money. But have they checked the tally for his disappointment Ali? After a great opening weekend it's faded faster than Mike Tyson's Nevada boxing license.

Finally, singer James Brown testified Tuesday that he 'never touched' a former employee who is suing him for alleged sexual harassment and wrongful termination, telling jurors, "I'm a church-going man." Pray they believe you, James.