Britney Spears Photographed Sobbing, Sitting Barefoot Outside House

Britney Spears was photographed sobbing and sitting barefoot on the pavement outside her Los Angeles home Monday night after an argument with her manager/friend Sam Lutfi, the Daily Mail reported.

Spears and Lutfi reportedly exchanged harsh words over her relationship with paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, which prompted Britney to call the British photographer for help.

As she sat on the edge of a garden bed, dressed in denim hot pants, checked fedora hat and an oversized jacket, photographers asked her if she was OK.

Britney responded: "I'm fine. I'm sitting for once and having a nice time with my dog," the Mail reported.

Ghalib was denied entry to the premises as Lutfi warned security not to let him in, turning off Britney's cell phones to ensure he could not get her on the phone, the Mail said.

A source told the Mail: "Britney and Sam drove up to the gate of her house when she suddenly jumped out of the car crying. Adnan then got a frantic call from a hysterical Brit, pleading with him 'Can you come pick me up?'"

Britney, 26, later left with another paparazzo before meeting up with Ghalib on the street as her father, Jamie Spears, and police arrived on the scene.

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Police were called to Spears' neighborhood after someone reported a swarm of paparazzi trespassing in the singer's gated community, The Associated Press reported.

Los Angeles police Officer Mike Lopez said officers received a call around 7 p.m. Monday about a group of photographers "stepping onto the grounds" of the private neighborhood while following the pop star.

When officers arrived, they didn't see anyone trespassing, Lopez said. He said citations were issued for several illegally parked cars.

Hours after the incident, Lynne Spears was seen visiting her daughter's home. Britney emerged to pose for photographers, arm-in-arm with Lutfi and her mother.

Ghalib released his own version of events, claiming: "The truth is that Sam Lutfi started an argument with Britney and the two ended up in a screaming fight. Sam continued to verbally abuse Britney as she sat barefoot on the curb at her Summit home crying, holding her dog London."

Lutfi told Barbara Walters in a phone call over the weekend that the pop star has been to a psychiatrist for "mental issues which are treatable," Walters said Monday on "The View."

Lutfi, described by Walters as Spears' "manager and very good friend," also said that Spears has been suffering from mood swings and has had trouble sleeping.

Lutfi also told Walters that Spears is in touch with her mother — who arrived in Los Angeles Sunday night — and that she has been very supportive.

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Last week, a Superior Court commissioner ruled that Spears is to remain barred from seeing her sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

On Jan. 3, Spears refused to relinquish one of the children to the bodyguard of ex-husband Kevin Federline. Police were called, and she was hauled off to a hospital by paramedics.

The day after that incident, the commissioner suspended Spears' visitation rights and gave full custody to Federline, who at that time had temporary custody.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.