Britney Spears Hires U.S. Naval Cadet as New 'Manny'

At the U.S. Naval Academy Perry Taylor was addressed as "cadet."

As an engineering officer on board an amphibious aircraft carrier, he was an ensign.

Now, though, he's known as Perry Poppins.

The 28-year-old Easton native has popped-up on supermarket tabloids as the male nanny — or manny — for pop star Britney Spears.

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"Actually, he's more of a bodyguard," says his mother, Caroline Moncure-Taylor, a Washington real estate agent. Moncure-Taylor told The (Baltimore) Sun that Taylor has worked for Spears for less than a month.

For Star magazine, which featured him on a recent cover, he's "Britney's Sexy New Stand-in Husband!"

"He's good with kids and he's always there when he's needed — unlike Kevin!" the tabloid continues, referring to Kevin Federline, Spears' husband.

Born in Alexandria, Va., Taylor spent most of his childhood in Easton. He started for the Navy lacrosse team in his senior year and had hoped at one time to become a Navy SEAL.

"He is physical, active and fun-loving," his mother said.

He served on the USS Iwo Jima and at the end of his five-year commitment decided to pursue private security jobs, hoping to go to Iraq or Afghanistan as a private contractor. But he ended up doing security work in California.

Moncure-Taylor says she learned about his job with Spears — whatever it is — about three and a half weeks ago.

Friends from Easton were astounded by Taylor's new career move.

"They don't really train them to be manias," said Bill Champion of Easton, whose son grew up with Taylor. "I think we're all in shock."

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