Britney Spears' (search) jewel-encrusted bra has been taken down from eBay (search), but this time, it's Spears who made the decision.

The bra was one of several items Spears had donated for an auction to raise money to help hurricane victims.

She writes on her Web site she took down the listing because she was concerned it was being sold as something it's not. She says it's true she wore it for an HBO promotion, she did not wear it onstage during a "...Baby One More Time" performance.

Bidding for the bra had reached $47,000.

The auction of the bra had been removed from eBay once before when an eBay staffer decided it violated policy of not selling used undergarments.

Meanwhile, the auction of her other things has ended. Her "I Have the Golden Ticket" shirt sold for $1,200. Her ottoman sold for $510, her Chanel high heels sold for $770, her two-piece sectional sofa for $3,050, and her red-tab jeans for $4,001.