British Woman, 102, Bares All as Miss November for Nude Charity Calendar

A 102-year-old British woman has decided she isn't too old to be a pinup — and a naked one at that.

Nora Hardwick is Miss November in a nude calendar done to raise money for the local football team, the Ancaster Athletic in Ancaster, Lincolnshire, England.

Don't worry: The 1905-born great-great grandma is swathed in a filmy petal pink scarf and is strategically positioned behind the beer taps at the Ermine Way pub in town, so it's almost impossible to tell she's standing there in the buff.

"They draped a bit of pink cloth around my shoulders, but at my age I just don't have the model body to be taking it all off," she told The Telegraph, a U.K. newspaper. "It was all very tastefully done. You couldn't see any of the bits or anything."

Hardwick said the football club asked her to pose in her birthday suit because she's the oldest person in the village.

"It's just a bit of fun really," she told the Telegraph.

Her children, who are 80, 74 and 62 have been supportive of their mum baring all for a good cause, she said.

She has lived in Ancaster since 1933, and retired as the village's postmistress at age 72, after 35 years on the job, according to the newspaper.