British Man Murdered in Thailand Allegedly Predicts His Own Death

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A British man killed in Thailand apparently predicted his own death.

Ian Beeston, 69, was reportedly found last Friday beaten and stabbed at his home in the north-eastern province of Roi Et.

A spokeswoman for the Foreign Office confirmed that Royal Thai police were investigating.

It has been reported that Beeston left a note with lawyers that read: "It is just a matter of time now. I am in real fear for my own life."

The British man had moved to Thailand after his retirement and married a local woman, according to reports.

His 42-year-old Thai wife and her lover have been arrested in connection with the killing.

"Ian Beeston's wife and a Thai friend from Petchabun province, Somchit Janong, 48, have both been arrested for his murder," police Captain Patapong Patniboon of Suwannaphum Police said.

"We have assured the British Embassy that the investigation will be thorough."

Inspector Thuwat, from Suwabbaphum Police, added: "We cannot say if she was charged. More details will be available tomorrow."

Reports added that Beeston had placed his Thai properties in his wife's name, as foreigners are not permitted to own land in the country.

However, several months ago the 69-year-old discovered that she had cashed the holdings in.

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