British Man Jailed for Six Months for Snapping Photos Up Women's Skirts in Dubai Mall

A British tourist has been jailed for six months for taking pictures up women's skirts at a shopping centre in Dubai, it emerged Thursday.

The mall is one of the biggest in the Middle East

The 28-year-old electrician, whose name was not released under Dubai court rules, admitted placing his mobile phone in a shopping basket and using it to take voyeuristic pictures while on an escalator in a supermarket at the Mall of the Emirates in May.

The man, believed to be from the north London area, was detained when female shoppers complained to mall security staff, Dubai's Criminal Court of First Instance heard.

The court was shown images of two women stored on the man's phone and, despite his guilty plea, he was sent down for six months.

Dubai authorities are currently cracking down on anti-social behaviour and it is understood the tough sentence was intended to serve as a deterrent to others.

A source said identities of defendants convicted in Dubai are only made public if police see fit.

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