British Court Sees Cell Phone Video of Brothers' Vicious Attack on Young Boys

The brothers whose vicious attack on two young boys shocked England captured the assault on film, it has emerged.

The victims — then aged nine and 11 — were lured from a recreation ground in Edlington, South Yorkshire, by the brothers, who were 10 and 11 at the time, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Last September the brothers admitted causing their victims grievous bodily harm with intent, among other offenses.

Justice Keith, who is presiding over their sentencing exercise, agreed Wednesday for footage of the attack to be shown in court.

Nicholas Campbell QC warned the court that the video was "upsetting to view" before it was played.

The six-second clip filmed using a mobile phone begins with a close-up of the 11-year-old boy's bloodied face.

The shot widens to reveal him lying on the grass with his arms up in an attempt to shield himself as the younger attacker "taunts and jabs" him with an object.

Sky News correspondent Gerard Tubb, who is in court, said one kick to the boy's upper body left him recoiling like a "rag doll."

Campbell told the court: "This footage is upsetting to view but it is important evidence as you consider the nature of this attack as a whole."

The judge also heard that the brothers punched the boys, forced them to eat nettles, ran broken glass across their throats and threatened to kill them.

The victims, he said, had set out on Saturday April 4 with their BMX bikes and their dog, when they were approached by the brothers, who asked to use their bikes and also if the boys wanted to go and see a dead fox.

Lured away to an area concealed from passers-by by vegetation and broken branches, the victims were stamped on and their heads pelted with stones and bricks.

The sentencing exercise is expected to end on Friday.

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