British Army Helicopter Crash Kills 1

An army helicopter crashed in southwest England Thursday, officials said. One man was killed.

The helicopter came down at 3:45 p.m. local time over a rural area near Torrington, in Devon, about 200 miles west of London, police said. The local ambulance service said one man died in the crash, while local police said two crew members were injured. It was not immediately clear whether the fatality was among those injuries or in addition to them.

Police said power lines in the area were brought down, cutting electricity to some homes.

"It is too early to say if the power lines being lost are the cause of the aircraft coming down," Devon and Cornwall Police said in a statement. They said there was no damage to any buildings on the ground.

Britain's coast guard dispatched a rescue helicopter to the crash site.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed that an army helicopter crashed in Devon but said it had no further details.