Brit Tycoon Missing After Lover's Body Found Beaten in Fancy Hotel Room

A British businessman is on the run after his wealthy lover was found naked and battered to death in their exclusive Paris hotel room.

Ian Griffin, 39, was believed to be heading south towards the French Riviera in his grey Porsche sports car.

Interpol issued an alert and French cops were staking out a yacht on the Mediterranean owned by Surrey-based victim Kinga Legg, 36.

The body of the Polish businesswoman was found slumped in a bath at the couple’s sound-proofed $1615-a-night room at the renowned Bristol Hotel.

Kinga suffered massive head injuries from being repeatedly hit over the head with a lamp stand after a suspected drunken disagreement.

A detective said: “Nobody heard any screams. The room was chaotic. Furniture had been knocked over or smashed and a curtain pulled down.”

Police said the couple had been drinking heavily and had gone out on Monday night.