Breaking Point: Hating America

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Sunday, March 13 at 9 p.m and midnight ET
Hosted by John Gibson

Our country is under attack, but instead of bombs and bullets — the weapons of choice are hateful words and images aimed at distorting American policy and image around the world.

From Toronto to Tehran, "Hating America" shines a bright light on the haters themselves, exposing the malicious messages they send out with each passing day.

With America's steadfast support of Israel and the ever-widening War on Terror, we might expect anti-U.S. feelings in the volatile Middle East, but a new survey shows that anti-Americanism is growing in Europe too.

What's behind this disturbing trend and what can we do to reverse it?

Will the outcome of the hotly contested presidential election improve or worsen our standing in the world?

"Hating America" is another in an important series of investigative documentaries brought to you by the staff of the FOX News Channel, including reports from FOX News' bureaus in London, Paris and Baghdad. Don't miss it!