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Americans spend about $40 billion each year on weight loss programs. The methods range from the obvious to the ridiculous, but in this "Breaking Point" investigation, we found that some of the most effective plans are also the most dangerous. The results can be dramatic, but they can also make you sick or even kill you.

For instance, just because something is natural doesn't mean it's good for you. Health food store shelves are filled with products that have never been tested for side effects.

Why? Natural diet supplements are classified as food, and so do not fall under FDA (search) oversight. In fact, they are protected by law and until enough people get sick or die, there's nothing the government can do about them.

"Breaking Point" also exposes the dangers of the highly touted stomach bypass surgery (search) made famous by celebrities like Al Roker (search) and Carnie Wilson (search).

Some 100,000 Americans will undergo the procedure this year, but as we found out — many are unaware of the risks. One woman we met struggled with serious complications after her surgery and nearly died.

"Breaking Point" also follows an adolescent girl through stomach stapling surgery. Even though this procedure is not recommended for children, this girl convinced her parents that she'd rather risk dying than be fat. Her mother, in an extraordinary show of support, had her stomach stapled also. We followed mother and daughter for over a year to bring you their remarkable outcome.

"Danger and Diets" is another in an important series of investigative documentaries brought to you by the staff of the Fox News Channel. Don't miss it!