'Breakfast in a Bag:' New Beef Jerky Contains Caffeine

Forget about drinking your morning coffee. Now you can have "breakfast in a bag," or Perky Jerky, a caffeinated beef jerky.

Brian Levin of Denver and his friend invented Perky Jerky after accidentally spilling Red Bull on some beef jerky. It was tasty, so they decided to take it one step further.

Perky Jerky contains guarana and caffeine, and Levin said he finds women like this kind of beef jerky better than the regular kind because it’s "upscale and sweeter."

"If you think about it, Perky Jerky is one of those things that doesn’t make sense (at first), but the caffeine is mixed with protein and it’s actually a tasty natural energy snack," Levin said.

Click here to watch Levin discuss Perky Jerky on Fox and Friends.