Authorities have arrested 10 Brazilians accused of luring South American women to Spain and forcing them into prostitution, a federal police spokesman said Friday.

Those arrested Thursday included an attorney and a mother-and-daughter team that recruited women from Colombia, Paraguay and Brazil, federal police spokesman Francisco Morais said.

The ring promised women well-paid jobs in Spain, where their passports were taken and they were forced to prostitute themselves, Morais said.

He said the group is headed by a Spaniard "who should be arrested shortly by Spanish police."

Police have identified some 50 women, 18 of them Brazilian, who fell prey to the gang, he added.

The suspects are being held on charges of criminal association, international human trafficking, prostitution and pimping. They face up to eight years in prison.

Morais said the Madrid-based organization made about $520,000 a month in profits.