Boy Who Survives 60-Foot Cliff Plunge Calls Himself ‘Buzz Lightyear Without Wings’

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Lucky British nine-year-old Jak Theyer plunged 60 feet off a cliff — and landed on his feet.

He somehow missed crashing on to two rocks and landed on sand in between them.

And amazingly his only injury was a minor fracture to his pelvis.

“It was like being Buzz Lightyear — except my wings didn’t come out,” Theyer joked Thursday.

He had gone to the beach at Gwithian, Cornwall, with his two grandmothers, sister Daisy, six, and three-year-old brother Callum.

Excited Jak ran to the cliff-top path from the parking lot and shot straight over the edge — landing next to a stunned woman sunbather.

“I suddenly realized there was a cliff and I couldn’t stop,” Theyer, of Newbury, Berks, said. “I had to jump and there were rocks at the bottom — but I managed to land between a big one and a smaller one.”

He was airlifted to an area hospital, but after a battery of tests doctors could only find two fine cracks in his pelvis.

Theyer, who is using a walker to get around while he recovers — added: “I know I’m very lucky.”

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