Boy George Found Guilty of Hadcuffing Man to Wall

Thinking of handcuffing a Norwegian male escort to a wall?

Think again.

That's what Boy George learned Friday when he was found guilty of false imprisonment in a London court.

The former Culture Club singer, tried under his real name George O'Dowd, denied falsely imprisoning Audun Carlsen at his London apartment in April last year, but after a two-week trial, the jury found him guilty.

O'Dowd told police he suspected the Norwegian of stealing pictures from his computer, and so handcuffed him while he searched the man's computer for evidence.

The escort, Audun Carlsen, said the singer handcuffed him and beat him with a chain because he refused to sleep with him.

Boy George will be sentenced later.

This is not the singer's first brush with the law. In 2006 he performed community service in New York City after falsely reporting a burglary. Police who responded to his call found 13 bags of cocaine in his apartment.

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