Boy Charged With Killing Dad's Pregnant Fiancee Leaves Jail for Juvenile Detention

An 11-year-old Pennsylvania boy charged with killing his father's pregnant fiancee has left a county jail and is on his way to a juvenile facility.

Lawrence County Jail Warden Charles Adamo says sheriff's deputies took Jordan Brown at about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday.

The boy is headed to the Allencrest Juvenile Detention Center, northwest of Pittsburgh.

A judge ruled it was in the boy's best interest to be in a juvenile center, though he remains charged as an adult.

Jordan is accused of shooting 26-year-old Kenzie Marie Houk in the head Friday, killing her and her unborn baby boy.

Since his arrest, he's been held in a cell isolated from the adult inmates in Lawrence County Jail.

Houk's mother said Jordan had been threatening his dad's fiancee for a while. The boy's lawyer filed an emergency motion for bail on Tuesday.