Boy, 15, Commits Suicide After Increased Ritalin Dosage

A British teenager who recently had his prescription for Ritalin increased committed suicide by hanging himself, it is being reported.

According to the Daily Mail, Anthony Cole, 15, was prescribed the drug six years ago when he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

His father, Colin, said Anthony had been acting “snappy,” as if in a “trance,” in the days before his death. The teen's mother, Tina, also said her son had recently asked her how to write a will, it was reported.

On Saturday, Cole was found dead in his bedroom.

"He disappeared to his bedroom and about an hour later we called him down for lunch," Cole's father said. "But when he didn't reply I went upstairs and found him hanging there."

Some researchers have said that Ritalin, which is used to combat hyperactivity, can lead to manic or psychotic episodes.

An investigation into the teen's death will take place in June, according to the report.

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