Sen. John Kerry's (search) plans to host a Boston Pops (search) concert on the city's Esplanade during the Democratic National Convention (search) were rejected Thursday by officials from Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's (search) administration who refused to issue a permit because of logistical and security concerns.

Katherine Abbott, commissioner of the state Department of Conservation and Recreation, decided against granting the permit for the July 28 concert and fireworks show after state Public Safety Secretary Ed Flynn advised against it. In a letter to Abbott, Flynn said that with the convention three weeks away, there was not enough time "to properly develop a sound plan for public safety and security."

Kerry, the four-term Massachusetts senator, had planned the event to show appreciation to his hometown for hosting the convention, at which he'll accept the Democratic nomination for president. Jack Corrigan, Kerry's convention liaison, had no comment.

Flynn was appointed by Romney, a Republican who chairs the Bush-Cheney campaign in Massachusetts. Flynn said that the recommendation was not motivated by politics.