Born at 23 Weeks, 1-Pound Baby Continues to Thrive

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Ellie-Suzanne Fish was born four months premature at 23 weeks. She weighed a little more than 1 pound and was given a 10 to 15 percent survival rate.

But today, at 9 months old, Ellie-Suzanne weighs 14 pounds and finally has been released from the hospital, London’s Telegraph reported.

When Ellie-Suzanne was born, her skin was so underdeveloped that her mother, Beverly, could see the "blood running around her body," according to the newspaper.

Beverly Fish, 37, who has four other children, went into labor at week 23 of her pregnancy and gave birth naturally.

Ellie-Suzanne, who was born with cerebral palsy, immediately was put on a ventilator. She had to endure two operations to remove fluid from her brain and one operation to aid digestion in her stomach.

But she clearly has defied doctors' expectations.

Today she still needs to be fed through a tube, requires extra oxygen and needs her airways suctioned; however, she is otherwise healthy, the newspaper said.

Said Beverly Fish: "I just find it absolutely incredible that she made it and we have finally got her home."

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