Border Sweeps Play Into Calif. Election

A couple of months ago, border patrol agents conducted inland sweeps in California, Texas and Arizona, going into heavily Latino neighborhoods to round up illegal immigrants (search).

The sweeps netted hundred of illegals, causing fear and panic. Rep. Joe Baca (search), who represents the California districts in question, cried foul and began protesting the sweeps. Well, the political pressure worked.

Now, the border sweeps (search) have stopped, but they've stirred a political hornet's nest.

Baca, a three-term Democrat, has long been the favorite to keep his seat, but now he's found himself in a dogfight against his opponent, Republican Ed Laning, who is in favor of the sweeps.

Tons of volunteers, including Latinos, are now lining up to join the campaign of Laning, who challenged Baca, saying he couldn't get arrested. Hundreds have rallied in support of the round-ups.

This issue is a political hot potato, and it could affect races in Texas and Arizona as well.

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