Flesh Food

If you happen to be walking in the marketplace and see body parts hanging in a shop window, don’t be alarmed. They’re not real, and, no, it’s not a Halloween prank two months too late. They’re just pastries.

These gruesome looking body part pastries are edible, but the owner of the shop featuring these grisly treats says they aren't for consumption. His intention was to deliver the message: You shouldn’t always believe what your eyes see.

His message is true, but he picked a funny way of getting his message out there.

Puppy Eats Toes

Puppies are notorious for destroying things and chewing stuff up, but this puppy committed the unthinkable for any pet owner or parent.

A pit bull puppy chewed off the toes of a baby girl in Louisiana. The 1-month-old baby was in a booster seat while her parents were sleeping nearby. The veterinarian believes the puppy was trying to nurse on the baby’s toes but instead chewed them off. The child underwent surgery, but there was no way to reattach her toes.

The parents have been booked on criminal negligence charges and the puppy is being quarantined for 10 days to be checked for rabies.

Canine Crackdown

Dog owners in China better hurry up and register their dogs if they haven’t gotten around to it yet because Beijing officials are cracking down on canines that do not have the proper paperwork on file. Owners of big dogs also need to take notice now that any dogs that are either not registered or larger than 14 inches are now being confiscated.

This canine confiscating campaign has been launched in response to public complaints about dog biting and barking in the city. Officials say it is an attempt to make the city’s rabies prevention efforts more successful and also to combat other hygiene issues related to dog bites.

Many Beijing citizens are upset by this new campaign and say that instead of officials going after unregistered dogs or large dogs, they should be concentrating on banning aggressive dogs.

Gift Stashing

Inventive ideas can be scarce when it comes to thinking up a really great spot to stash holiday gifts. It doesn’t help that the delivery service thwarts your best efforts to conceal presents from the kids. To my dismay, UPS delivered one of the larger gifts I ordered for my kids a bit sooner than I thought they would. And yesterday, when the kids got off the school bus, there it was right on the front porch! I tried to pass it off as a gift for my 2 year old, but when the gift in question is an eight-foot tall basketball hoop, the kids weren’t buying it.

Here is an e-mail I received from a FOX News viewer about an ingenious hiding spot:

When I was young, we had a chest freezer in the garage. Near Christmas, the freezer would mysteriously become locked and the key could not be found. When we woke early on Christmas morning, our gifts were still defrosting.
Panhandle, TX

Great Gifts

Because of the breaking news, we were unable to feature a fabulous holiday gift on today’s show. However, you can get to the growing list of amazing holiday gift ideas by going to my Web site www.hillfriends.com. If you click on The Christmas Gift category you can get product details and find links to the products we have told you about this month, along with some other great ideas we weren’t able to feature on the show!


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