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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: If you were worried the U.S. is going to be alone in a future attack on Iraq, our next guest says, forget about it. Bob Dornan says we do not need the French, we don't need the Germans, we don't need anybody. Let's just do it.

The former Republican Congressman from California joins us now from Washington. Bob, good to have you.

BOB DORNAN, FORMER U.S. CONGRESSMAN: Good to be with you, Neil, again.

CAVUTO: So you're arguing, look, enough already, let's just get to it?

DORNAN: Well, I've got one big hang-up. It's a constitutional one. I want desperately -- I know I won't get it -- a declaration of war, and then to pass an act of war, a blockade of Basra, and I want to close the 36th parallel and the 32nd parallel of no-fly zones. I want to slam that window at the 34th. No commercial traffic, air or sea, in or out of Iraq.

But if we would declare war and go alone, then say to all these countries around the world, you are either with us against us, and there is a third category, gutless wonders who stand by and watch. Neil, we went it alone in World War I. The French wanted to put us under their command, the British under theirs. General Pershing, "Black Jack" Pershing said no, American commanders over American men.

CAVUTO: But just help me with this. There is concern, people like Brent Scowcroft, you know, you got to think he is reading something from the president's father that maybe we got to go slow here, that the collision is important. What do you say to even wayward Republicans who argue go slow?

DORNAN: Well, there is a little historical covering here, that if we had said to that coalition of 28 nations back in March of 1991 -- the war had ended the next to last day of February -- if we had said, look, we are not going to take Baghdad, that's a nightmare, an Arab capital that goes back to Harun al-Rashid, but we are going to seal off Basra. We are going to complete the hail Mary left hook, we're going to seal off the Republican Guard. Colin Powell at one time said we were going to kill it; it like it was one unit -- and then he said we don't want a turkey shoot.

We should have sealed off Basra. The officers would have overthrown Hussein. Instead we stood back. He tortured to death 444 officers. He killed thousands of Kurds -- men, women, children -- thousands of Shi'a in the south, Muslim men, women, children, while we watched, because we were afraid of what Germany, France or the coalition would do, because they said...

CAVUTO: But do you worry, Bob, that the world makes a mockery of it? I mean, even that George Michael video, which is offensive in and of itself, where Tony Blair appears to be a lap dog to President Bush.

DORNAN: Right.

CAVUTO: That there is a sense here that the world doesn't want to be at his behest. What do you make of that?

DORNAN: Well, first of all, Tony Blair, not a political ally of mine, was more forceful at the beginning of all of this after the September 11 than anybody else in the world. He matched President Bush's rhetoric. He was terrific. And Margaret Thatcher, his predecessor before John Major, she was the one that told the father, now don't go all wobbly on me, George.

No. I think the lap dog thing is a deliberate vicious attempt to put a wedge between us and the one ally we can rely on. But remember, I finished with World War I -- in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, we did 95 percent of the dying in Korea and Vietnam, paid all the money. Australia and Thailand helped as best they could, but the Cold War was ours. Strategic air command -- we had done the whole century by ourselves.

CAVUTO: I know where you're coming from, buddy. Thank you. Bob Dornan.

DORNAN: You bet you. Thanks, Neil.

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