Blue Crush, Possession and The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Blue Crush, Possession and The Adventures of Pluto Nash in the weekend movie Foxlight.

Hang on, the girls are in charge. Surf's up and this is major league eye candy. Critics may not gush over Blue Crush but this is basically The Fast and the Furious + add water. The action literally comes in Hawaiian waves. So if you want a popcorn movie that won't make any top 10 list, book 'em Danno.

Next, Gwyneth Paltrow is back in another small film called Possession. She's kind of a young Jessica Fletcher but the mystery isn't who murdered who -- it's what does this all mean? She and Aaron Eckhart are the current storyline that jumps back and forth with the old storyline. It works very well, according to most critics. And after Shallow Hal this one has Gwyneth actually acting.

Finally, what do critics think of Eddie Murphy's new alleged comedy The Adventures of Pluto Nash? Can't tell you. No one has seen it. That's a bad sign. And here's another one. This film wrapped two years ago. Not a harbinger of quality. Eddie, read the scripts before saying 'yes.'