BlackBerry in Pocket Saves Skier's Life in Glacier Fall

A British skier who fell into a crevasse was saved from plummeting 700 feet to his death by his cell phone.

David Fitzherbert got wedged between two rocks due to the half-inch-wide BlackBerry in his breast pocket.

Incredibly, the device still worked after keeping him stuck for two hours until he was rescued.

David, 52, was skiing off-trail down a glacier in the Matterhorn and Monterosa peaks in Switzerland when the snow gave way.

The finance worker said: "The snow gave way beneath me and I fell down a very deep crevasse. After 70 feet it narrowed and I became stuck like a cork in a bottle between the walls. Fortunately the extra inches of the Blackberry were enough to block the fall."

David broke his jaw, smashed his teeth, cracked a bone in his chest and nearly tore his nose off.

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