Black Bear Recovering After Facial Reconstructive Surgery

A black bear is recovering after having reconstructive surgery to repair a gunshot wound to his face, The Idaho Statesman reported.

The 150-pound bear was found near Stanley, Idaho, last summer with a 2-inch hole in his face after he'd been shot. He had the surgery in January.

"He is doing just great," Sally Maughan, founder of Idaho Black Bear Rehab, told the Statesman in an e-mail. "He hasn't bothered the stitches or the surgery at all and is the perfect patient just as he has been in the past. I'm pretty confident we will be able to release him."

The bear is estimated to be about three years old, and got 35-40 stitches to close the facial wound. Black Bear Rehab is taking care of the animal until he is well enough to be released into the wild.

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