Bill McCuddy's Oscar Predictions: Part III

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The Oscars may keep the Foxlight off the red carpet but that doesn't stop my annual picks.

Now, my big prediction is for the Best Picture winner.

I know there are a lot of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers fans and they'll probably turn me into a giant tree for saying this, but I was bored silly at this movie. Sorry Frodo, I loved the first one but this just didn't have the same 'ring' to it. And that whole 'Gollum Deserves a Special Oscar' campaign -- maybe for most annoying.

I thought The Hours was the worst movie of the year. I know the Oscars aren't all about me, but if this wins, I think it ill be proof that the academy is out to get me.

Gangs of New York was a mess. DiCaprio was way out of his league. The story made no sense, and the set looked like a set. Who directed this thing? Oh yeah. One of my favorite directors of all time, and Martin Scorsese  will win the Best Director Oscar for his worst film. That makes sense.

So now you're thinking, did this guy like any movies this year? Here's one: The Pianist. It has a real shot at being the upset winner of the night. It has everything the voters love, and it's important. That may be crucial as we begin another war.

On the other hand, it might be a time to honor a film that took everyone away from the news to a place called Chicago. Moulin Rouge drove us to the outskirts last year, but Chicago made everyone sing, dance, and applaud after every song. It looks unstoppable.